With 25 years dedicated to music, and 14 years living in Rio de Janeiro, Douglas Malharo completed 5 International Tours.

Degrees in Phonographic Production, from Estacio de Sa College, completed extra courses in UNIRIO College, Tepem I, II, and III, worked on Show Production & Events by IATEC, studied Business Relations at Sebrae (Empretec), Harmony, Perception and Arrangement Workshops at (CIGAM- Curso Ian Guest Musical Perfection), formation of Acustic & Electric Guitars at Pro-Music & Musical Institute Rogerio Valente before moving to live in the states capital of Rio.

Founder of a beneficent project for the homeless, called “Soup, Clothe & Dreams” that existed for 3 years, with the help of partners for the cause. A project that would bring fresh clean clothing and food to numerous people. Due to the streets violence, the project went on to concentrate in helping the much needed closed in institutions, with pro bono shows, also collecting clothing and non-perishable foods to the deliver at these institutions.

Second place (Popular Vote).
Music: Disseram.

Douglas Malharo was for 6 years the Artistic Director of the LAPA 40 GRAUS concert hall in Rio de Janeiro and also served as Municipal Secretary of Culture & Tourism in his hometown of Santa Rita de Jacutinga MG.

As a Producer, performed campaigns and created redio jingles to well known radio stations such as MPB FM, Mix, JB, OI, FM O DIA, Radio Paradiso, Radio Transamerica, 96 FM, and more.

Composed themes directed to businesses, television news, magazines, electoral campaigns and worked for 6 years side by side with Dejanira De Paula’s Dance Company, in projects for SESC/SESI, where there too played live shows, one of these shows called “Palco Sobre Rodas” lasted 30 days on the road, with daily uninterrupted shows.

Relevant International Presentations:

Acted in the Production of famous Brasilian names and shared the stage with names such as:

Founded and worked on it’s personal project for 4 years “Oficina Percussiva”, workshops with well known names in the National Instrumental world:

First CD – 2002

“Um pulo sonoro… Além do anonimato”

First Solo CD, Douglas Malharo have composed 11 songs on his own, and playing with the musicians such as: Cláudio Infante, André Neiva, Reppolho, Otávio Rocha, to name a few.

Already sold 4,000 copies, where the first 1,000 copies continued with a uniquely version of very famous and well known musianTom Jobim, called “Triste” then authorized from it’s own music creater JOBIM MUSIC.

Second CD – 2010

“Se eu fosse você, prestava mais atenção em mim…”

Second Solo CD, DM shared the Production of his album with Bass Player & Produtor Dunga, where they recorded in the famous studio of Som Livre & Studio Mega. There are 10 songs, being that 9 are brand new songs written by DM, and 1 is the new version of “Escrito nas Estrelas” sang by singer Tete Spindola. Already sold 6.000 copies, having it’s launching at Rio’s prestigious Theater RIVAL. The CD counted with inumerous special musician participations from: Paulo Calazans, Marcos Suzano, Milton Guedes, Lui Coimbra, Christian Oyens, Vini Rosa, Renato Fonseca, Vanderlei Silva amongst others.

Third CD – 2015

“Os Maiores Sucessos… do Famoso Quem”

This CD is a type of GREATEST HITS or THE BEST of DM. Reaching 2000 copies in 2017. The listener gets 15 hand picked and selected songs by the artist himself, the best songs from the first 2 cds, plus 3 new songs.


In August of 2018 he released his first BOX (So far with a lot of Love) where in him the fans will have his Discography (3 CDs) + booklet with lyrics + magnifying glass + Biography. He has performed shows at the UNSHCARAÊ Project with Bruno Saraiva, Cassiano Andrade and Chris Dortas, started his Pos-Graduation, continues with his solo shows, trio or band at Saraus, Projects of New Composers, corporate events, charities and Malls in Brazil.

In 2019 will have its 5 International Tour and 2020 its first DVD LIVE.